We Provide Very Clean Environment Kids feel happy, secure and stimulated all day long that enables them to develop fast. Book a Tour We Help Your Baby Learn Fast Our Home Daycare is living examples of these ideals. Book a Tour Discover all the fun at the playroom We play and learn: Who said education was boring? Book a Tour


Our Core Values

We’re a licensed Daycare with an Engaging Curriculum that Enhances Your Child’s Growth and Learning Abilities & Providing Freshly Cooked Nutritious Meal Daily.

Learning Process Learning & Fun
To engender a positive attitude and a sense of excitement in a child towards his or her learning process.
Healthy food Healthy Meals
We provide healthy Home cooked, balanced diet for your kids which includes fresh fruits and vegetables.
baby safety Children Safety
Keeping children of all ages safe and healthy is our top Priority.We provide secure environment to Kids.
Clean Environment for kids Clean Environment
We provide very Clean environment for Kids to feel happy, secure and stimulated that enables them to develop fast.

Home Daycare Programs

Choose Your Age Group
Every baby is unique and requires different caring and nurturing attention.
Preparing your child for what’s to be expected at the next level in education
There is so much energy and excitement at this age
This program is available for all children enrolled in
Special Programs are designed so that Children spend their Days Participating
Encouraging independence in children and stimulating them with meaningful experiences
One year away from when you have to make the decision of where to send your Child
Children have an opportunity to play outside every day as per weather condition.

Services We Provide

Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children. Our goal is to help children reach their full potential by encouraging individual growth. Book a tour today.

Full Day Sessions
Children Safety
Happy Environment
Creative Learning
Home coocked meals
Amazing Playground
Kum Kum Daycare Novi
Easy Learning
Our Timetable
Our opening time starts at 7:30 am Monday to Friday and closes at 6:00 pm
Play time
Our Pricing
Pricing: $195/wk
kids gallery
Our Gallery
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